Céline Favy-Huin


Executive Director - Co-founder

Sylvain Huin


President - Co-founder


Céline FAVY-HUIN and Sylvain HUIN embarked on the adventure of professional 3D printing in 2015. They founded Feelobject, a company specialized in industrial subcontracting in Toulouse first. Their expertise was then focused on the use of composite materials such as long glass fibers, kevlar and carbon.

At a conference, a research laboratory specializing in visual impairment highlighted the contribution of 3D printing to the learning of geometry and geography in particular.

This meeting was decisive for the two founders who understood the multiple advantages of 3D printing. Indeed, three-dimensional shapes, when adapted, stimulate the creation of mental images in our brain. This is how Céline and Sylvain became interested in the difficulties encountered by visually impaired people to move around and find their way in their environment. With their societal values in mind, the two partners decided to put their know-how at the service of the visually impaired by developing Virtuoz, tactile and vocal maps that allow visually impaired and blind people to move around independently indoors and outdoors.

From the beginning, visually impaired and blind users were solicited, and even today, their feedback is still at the heart of the development and improvements of Virtuoz.

Virtuoz is an innovative and easy-to-use tool that gives back freedom and autonomy to visually impaired people. It can be used in various sectors such as employment, tourism, culture, transport, real estate development, administrations and local authorities, as well as educational and health institutions. Virtuoz consists of an electronic box on which are placed maps, interchangeable according to the space in which the person wishes to go. These maps in relief represent a place on which are distributed symbols that represent landmarks taken on the spot.

When the person presses on the symbols, he/she obtains information that enriches his/her understanding of the place and allows him/her to have a global understanding of the represented environment.

Today, Feelobject offers solutions for professionals, such as public buildings and companies, in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

The passion and commitment of Céline and Sylvain have made Feelobject a company that puts innovation at the service of society for more equity for visually impaired and blind people.