Where can I find Virtuoz Mini in an establishment?

You can find Virtuoz Mini at the reception of a building for example, or at the human resources / disability department.

Is Virtuoz Mini cumbersome?

Virtuoz Mini comes with a case in which it can be stored and taken out very quickly to make the user experience as easy as possible.

Can I connect wireless or bluetooth headphones to use Virtuoz Mini?

Virtuoz Mini is used with wired headphones. It is not possible at this time to connect wireless or bluetooth headphones because the bluetooth waves could interfere with the sound information emitted by Virtuoz Mini.

Do I have to pay if I am a user who wants to benefit from Virtuoz Mini?

In theory, Virtuoz Mini is provided free of charge by the establishment which is equipped with it. However, we advise you to ask for it on site.

What is the difference between Virtuoz Mini and Virtuoz Large Model ?

The 2 versions of Virtuoz allow the user to understand their environment through touch, coupled with sound information. The mental representation thus obtained gives autonomy to the people who use it, who are free to choose their paths to move.

Virtuoz Large Model offers a global vision, macro of an interior environment to the exterior spaces of proximity, like public transport for example.

Virtuoz Mini allows you to "zoom in" on spaces, a room, a floor and go into more detail.