Sophie Iborra


When I met Céline Favy-Huin in Toulouse, my native city, I immediately felt that we spoke the same language and that we lived on the same planet. The planet of commitment.

A rare woman in Tech, her warm smile, her attentive listening and her natural benevolence made me want to know more! More about her, her career, her commitments, her driving forces. So when I discovered Virtuoz, this innovation that allows visually impaired or blind people to be mobile in autonomy, everything was logical, as expected! Entrepreneurship is not only about having the right idea at the right time, it is also about doing one's part, being useful to others, and defending progress for all. Céline and Sylvain are not just entrepreneurs, as talented as they are, they are those for whom there can be no innovation without inclusion. Virtuoz' technology is at the service of those who need it most. Opening the field of possibilities, accompanying others to reduce inequalities, serving what we believe is right and important, this is the path they have chosen. May they be thanked and encouraged in their current and future projects.

I am very proud to be an ambassador of this essential solution. Long and beautiful life to Virtuoz!