To see or to comprehend? Why is this choice not really the case for each of us in 2023?

Céline FAVY-HUIN and Sylvain HUIN stubbornly refuse this fatality and have chosen to live a professional and personal life at the service of the blind and visually impaired, by creating a magical asset Virtuoz.

Facilitating access to everyday things, access to places of life or culture, sports and education: this is the formidable ambition that this tactile and sound invention achieves day after day!

I could not, like so many others, remain insensitive to the self-sacrifice, certainly tinged with a touch of unconsciousness, of this duo of transform'actors that Céline and Sylvain form, and their team.

I measure every day how lucky I am to discover the beauties of the world by myself, without effort, without resorting to material help, or even without forbidding myself what is allowed to others.

In my opinion, there is only one world: that of a humanity of sharing, of innovation for those who need it, of connection and respect between our differences.

I share the values contained in the Virtuoz project and it is therefore quite natural that I proposed to Céline and Sylvain to become an ambassador for their noble cause.

I thank them for their generosity and their creativity in serving the greatest number of people.